Monday, 25 July 2011

Ffrwyth i Bawb, Bryn-y-gog, Machynlleth

On Thursday 21st July, Ffrwyth i Bawb, the community fruit garden project, held a maintenance and planting day on the two areas on the edge of the Bryn-y-gog estate which were planted with some fruit trees and bushes in the freezing, snowy days of December 2010.
Amazingly, all of the apple, plum and damson trees had survived, although the gooseberries and one or two other currant bushes had been killed by the extreme temperatures over winter.
Abi Price, the leader of the project, had organised some replacement bushes and barbecue food for the community afternoon of work on the planted areas. Four adults and six children got involved. The existing tree stakes were repositioned, currant bushes planted and trees pruned. It was a lovely day with a great community spirit and even when a torrential downpour threatened the barbecue, people were not put off. Helpers crowded under a gazebo and Abi found that Keep Wales Tidy officers are useful for something- holding an umbrella over the cooking sausages!!  :-)

Planting in full swing

Sawing off the repositioned stakes

The dog refused to do any work!

Paul got stuck into hole digging in a big way, then realised how small the plant was!

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