Monday, 15 August 2011

River Severn Grime Busters do a grand job!

The river clean up in Newtown on Friday 12th August was extremely successful.
Joan, Mike, Geoff, Tom and Andy volunteered to lend a hand and they were joined by 3 Keep Wales Tidy officers, John, Rachel and Sue.
After anxious checks of the Environment Agency's river level monitoring on-line, the water level was just right on the morning of the litter pick. We started with a training session in using a throw line to rescue someone in the water. Fortunately, we did not need to test these skills in a real life situation.
The final count was two shopping trolleys, parts of a garden bench, a bicycle, a scooter, a deck chair, a laptop computer and several bits of ironwork, as well as four bags of smaller litter. Powys County Council collected the rubbish from agreed points at the end of the litter pick.
Here are the photos from the morning.
View from the Long Bridge

Mike emptying his wellies after rescuing a trolley

Andy, Mike, Sue and Geoff with two trolleys

Throwline training on the bank

Rachel and Mike suss out the terrain

Sue, Joan, Geoff, Mike and Rachel supervise John rescuing a bench

Mike tries to hook a bike, which you can just see in the river behind him

But it is Geoff who wins the bike hooking prize!

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