Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fishing for cans in the canal at Welshpool

On 26th September, as part of Tidy Wales Week, members of the Ponthafren Association (Welshpool) and Welshpool People First are holding a litter pick from the canal wharf by Morrisons.
The event will take place between 10am and 1pm and will involve fishing nets with very long handles. The aim is to remove a mountain of old cans from the canal bed near the Powysland Museum.
I have had great fun trying out various means of creating long handled fishing nets and have spotted a number of bemused faces in Newtown, as I have headed off to test them out in the river. Just a note to those thinking that drain rod sections would make good extendable handles- they are too springy and flexible! I have reverted to bamboo canes attached together with cable ties. (Thank you to the lady in Charlies Store, Newtown, who suggested the cable ties!)
Please contact me, Sue Newham, Keep Wales Tidy, if you wish to get involved. 07766 757145 or sue.newham@keepwalestidy.org

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