Thursday, 17 November 2011

Demand grows for allotments in Llangynog

Cath Laceby, a resident of Llangynog, has found at least 6 others who are interested in developing an allotments site in the village, which is situated about 8 miles north east of lake Vyrnwy. This is her feedback on the fledgling project.

Church Field, Llangynog
"Just to keep you up to date with developments in Llangynog! I recently attended the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens conference about allotments and community gardens, at the Centre for Alternative Tachnology. I was further inspired to promote some allotments for our village. Chatting to residents, as I went on my daily dog walk, there seems to be plenty of interest. Several homes have very tiny gardens and some gardeners are looking for more space so they can grow more of their own vegetables. There is a likely field, well positioned in the centre of the village, which is owned by the church. This land has been refused planning permission, so I thought might make an ideal spot for allotments. I went to the Community Council meeting on Monday and we talked at length about many issues around the position of the allotments. It was agreed that the Community Council would approach the church with a view to buying the field. You can imagine how delighted I am. I am waiting now to hear how negotiations pan out."  Cath Laceby, Llangynog.

If you would like to contact Cath, please send an e-mail to Sue Newham and she will forward it to Cath.

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