Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spring clean your town or village!

Keep Wales Tidy is always willing to help communities who want to spruce up the area they live in. Our officers can organise, co-ordinate and publicise events, as well as supporting the events on the day, providing safety equipment and doing risk assessments.
Judith Wright, our KWT officer in Flintshire, has been organising the Mold Spring Clean for several years, with many community groups getting involved. It has been highly successful in improving how people feel about where they live.
Tasks tackled could include litter picking, removing fly tipping, graffiti removal, planting, removal of invasive non-native weeds, improving access to public footpaths and many others.
Please contact Sue Newham, if you are in North Powys, sue.newham@keepwalestidy.org
For details of officers in other areas, please contact the Tidy Towns team on 029 2072 6994 or tidy.towns@keepwalestidy.org
Welshpool residents tackle litter near Tesco in May 2012

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