Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Make a change in 2013!

Well 2013 is here and its time to take stock of what we are already doing and to think about priorities for the year ahead.
Here are some suggestions that you may not have thought about but might enjoy or find useful:
  • Grow at least one fruit or vegetable yourself in the coming year. Even in a tiny courtyard garden like mine it is possible to grow runner beans in a large pot or tomatoes in a grow bag. It is very pleasing to wander out to pick fresh beans for supper and it saves on food miles too.

  • Use to exchange things you don't want and find things you do want. There are local groups around the country (including a Welshpool, Newtown and Montgomery one) and if you exchange things you use fewer resources and produce less CO2 than buying things new.

  • When you are having a clear out, raise money for Keep Wales Tidy by giving original DVDs and CDs to your local Tidy Towns officer, as KWT can exchange them for cash. Contact Sue at

  • Put up a bird or bat box in your garden, or hang a bird feeder or two. Even in town, you get a good selection of wild birds, which are a joy to watch. Keep your camera and bird book handy!

  • Sign up with a local Keep Wales Tidy group to make friends, get exercise and contribute to keeping Wales green and beautiful. You could also sign up as a Litter Champion, if you prefer to work independently. Visit to find your local Tidy Towns officer who can suggest the group for you.

  • Join your local wildlife trust to find out more about wildlife around your area. Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust is an great organisation to belong to. Find out more at
May 2013 be a year for enjoying and protecting our wonderful country and environment, being fitter and healthier and finding satisfaction in all that we do.

Visit to see how the organisation works with communities to improve their enjoyment of green spaces.

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